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Brush Strokes Nail Art

Last week-ish I saw a beautiful nail art on Very Emily which immediately inspired me to try it myself. So a couple of days later I tried it myself and this was my result. More pictures after the jump!

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Today it is Kingsday in my country, the day that almost everyone grabs all the orange things they can find. Throws them on and hopes they look fabulous. Including me! So today I painted my nails orange with OPI Juice Bar Hopping and added a messy flag with red, white and blue. Not the most inspiring nail art. But I did my best!

Happy Kingsday!

OPI Brisbane Bronze

I originally posted swatches of Brisbane Bronze in 2013. I felt that post needed an update with better pictures. So hence this repost!

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OPI Hawaii


When I heard about the OPI Hawaii collection I knew I had to have it. A couple of days ago my order arrived and today I want to show you my swatches. View them after the jump!

** warning picture heavy **

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Double Design Floral

This month (we’re pretending it’s still February) Eva and I chose a floral design for our Double Design post. More pictures after the jump!

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