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Floss Gloss Biscuits, Gangsta Boo, Donatella & Second Base

Floss Gloss

For ages (about two years, can you believe it?) I have been adoring polishes from Floss Gloss, so I figured it was finally time to order some polishes. The first time I saw Floss Gloss it was the shade called Biscuits and I was instantly in love. The longer I watched Floss Gloss on Instagram the more I wanted. So when I saw Second Base I knew it was time. I picked Gangsta Boo and Donatella as well and placed my order. View my swatches after the jump!

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ILNP Clockwork

Recently ILNP released their new collection. As always I had to order a couple, one of the bottles I ordered was Clockwork. Today I want to show you my swatches, view them after the jump!

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OPI Venice Fall Winter 2015 (Part One)

Beige Bronze OPI Orange Red0 comments2 september 2015

OPI Venice

Recently OPI released their new Fall/Winter collection which is the OPI Venice collection. This collection has 15 polishes, 12 polishes which will be included to OPI’s vast assortiment and 3 limited editions. Sadly I missed the limited edition polishes. But I do want to show you the the other 12 ones! In this post I will show you the first 6 which are: A Great Opera-Tunity, It’s a Piazza Cake, Worth A Pretty Penne, Tiramisu For Two, Amore at the Grand Canal and Gimme A Lido Kiss. View my swatches after the jump!

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OPI Brisbane Bronze

I originally posted swatches of Brisbane Bronze in 2013. I felt that post needed an update with better pictures. So hence this repost!

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9 x Ciate

A couple of weeks ago I bought a bunch of Ciate polishes on sale at the Big Bazar. Of course I had to take swatches of them and show them!

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