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Essence Cinderella

Recently Essence released a new limited edition which is the Cinderella collection to match the new Cinderella movie by Disney. I -ofcourse- bought the nail polish from this collection. I initially did not plan on buying these, but after seeing some swatches from people who love this collection I decided to try it myself. View my swatches after the jump!

5 x Orly


Last week I bought a bunch of nail polish off of someone in my dutch nail polish selling group on facebook. Today I want to show you the Orly polishes that I got. I had never tried Orly before so I was looking forward to receive my first Orly polishes. I have got Gumdrop, Lollipop, Pixy stix, Mint Moijto and Cotton Candy. Check out my swatches after the jump!

Essie Bangle Jangle

Essie Bangle Jangle

For the ones following me on Instagram you might have noticed that I am doing the 10x essie challenge that @priinciipessaa started. The idea is to paint your nails with Essie 10 times without using a different brand in between. I haven’t been doing my nails so much lately so I am only at my third Essie which was Essie Bangle Jangle. I liked it so much that I deceided to blog about it. View my swatches after the jump!