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‘Swatches By Colour’

Essence the Black Cat

Black Essence0 comments2 april 2015

essence the black cat

I love black nail polish and when I saw this matte nail polish passing by on Facebook I immediately fell in love. Check out more pictures after the jump!

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ILNP Flower Girl & ILNP Peri Me

Recently ILNP announced their new Spring Collection. A couple of weeks ago there was a chance to pre-order which I immediately did and last week I received the two polishes I ordered. I choose Flower Girl and Peri Me. Two beautiful holographic shades. View my swatches after the jump!

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Let It Glitter – Buzz Lightyear

Who didn’t grow up with Toy Story? Well I sure did! And when I saw that Let It Glitter made a Buzz Lightyear collection I had to check it out. The collecion exists out of 6 polishes and I bought four of them. View my swatches after the jump!

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OPI Brisbane Bronze

I originally posted swatches of Brisbane Bronze in 2013. I felt that post needed an update with better pictures. So hence this repost!

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OPI Hawaii


When I heard about the OPI Hawaii collection I knew I had to have it. A couple of days ago my order arrived and today I want to show you my swatches. View them after the jump!

** warning picture heavy **

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