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OPI Bearest Of Them All

When I saw OPI The Bearest of Them All I just had to purchase it. This polish was made with Coca Cola. For some reason I missed it when it originally came out. Months later I saw it mentioned online so I went ahead and looked for it and once I found it I hit that buy button. This polish is coupled with a Coca Cola Polar Bear, which I forgot to take pictures of. Today I want to show you my swatches.

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OPI Muppets Most Wanted 2014

OPI Muppets Most Wanted

Today I want to show you the new polishes from the Muppets Most Wanted collection from OPI. You might be thinking: “The Muppets again?” Well you’re right! In 2011 OPI worked together with the Muppets and decided to work together again this year.

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