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Essence Hello Rosy

0 comments31 juli 2014

Essence Hello Rosy

A polish I kept seeing on other blogs is Essence Hello Rosy. Each time I saw the swatches I thought: “Yes, I want that too!” A while back I saw it in the store and bought it, finally! Today I want to show you my swatch of it.

Essence Hello Rosy

Essence Hello Rosy has a nice pink hue with Sparkle Sand Effect in it. I used three thin layers for this swatch. I did have issues with the drying time. I had to wait a long time between each later so I wouldn’t ruin the Sparkle Sand Effect.

I don’t really like the feeling of polishes with texture in it. Don’t get me wrong. They look so great! But the feeling just gives me goose bumps whenever I touch them. Nevertheless Essence Hello Rosy really speaks to me because of its unique color and the lovely dark glitters and flecks in it.

I bought Essence Hello Rosy for 1,69 at Kruidvat