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iPhone cases from TelecomTelecom.nl

1 comment20 januari 2015

Last week I received two iPhone cases from TelecomTelecom.nl, a dutch web shop with lots of smartphone and tablet accessories. I received a luxary pink leather book case from Mobiparts and a purple glitter backcover from Casemate. Curious to see the cases? If you are a dutch reader I recommend reading the dutch post instead, you can switch languages in the sidebar by clicking on the dutch flag. More after the jump!

First off the case from Mobiparts. The inside and outside are made out of leather, which gives it a nice feeling. And because it is pink I like it even more! You can close this case, which gives your phone more protection.

In the past I had a case that you could close as well, but you were supposed to stick your phone onto a sticky layer. I prefer being able to click your phone into the case, like with this book case. It’s easier to make a switch with.

The best part about this case, in my opinion, is that you can stand it up. Whc=ich makes it easier to watch tv with or play games. I watch a lot of Netflix on my phone so this is just great.


The second case I received was a purple glitter backcover from Casemate.

This case has a bumper layer on the front, which protects your phone when you drop it. This way it bounces on the bumper instead of on your screen.


Look how sparkly it is!

These cases and other Apple iPhone 5s cases can be bought on the TelecomTelecom website. They also have a bunch of Apple iPhone 6 cases.

If you live in the netherlands be sure to check out their website, they have a lot of fun cases!

  • chucky1012

    Looks very nice and strong.
    I will look the webshop who sell this.