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OPI Coca Cola Collection Swatches

2 comments1 juli 2014

Coca Cola Cans

When I read that OPI was going to collab with Coca Cola for their next collection I was excited straight away and I hadn’t even seen the colors yet! Once I saw the first preview of the colors I knew I wanted to own them all. But I usually get that feeling. Today I want to show you the swatches!

OPI Coca Cola Red
OPI Coca Cola Red (Inspired by Coca Cola) No one does red like OPI they are always flawless and beautiful. At the moment I own about 7 red shades by OPI and each shade is unique. Coca Cola Red really captures the iconic red colour of the Coca Cola label. To avoid staining I would really recommend using a base coat. Three coats used. I originally used two coats but because my white smile line was very visible I added another coat.

You're So Vain-Illa
You’re So Vain-Illa (Inspired by Coca Cola Vanilla) is a beige yellow toned shade. And I just LOVE this shade. It’s so simple but so lovely. I used two coats for this swatch.

OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today
Sorry I’m Fizzy Today (Inspired by Coca Cola Vanilla) is a pinky coral shade. I don’t really understand what the connection is between this and Coca Cola Vanilla but that doesn’t matter in my opinion this shade is beautiful. Two coats appliedfor this swatch.

OPI Get Cherried Away

OPI Get Cherried Away (Inspired By Coca Cola Cherry) A lovely black cherry color. I used two coats for this swatch.

OPI Today I Accomplished Zero
OPI Today I Accomplished Zero (Inspired by Coca Cola Zero) This has to be my favorite Coca Cola shade. This is a black jelly with lots of red glitters in it. I used three coats and a topcoat so the glitters didn’t look so rough.

OPI My Signature Is "DC"
OPI My Signature Is “DC” (Inspired By Coca Cola Light a.k.a. Diet Coke) If you have ever had a can of Diet Coke you can probably remember the metallic effect of the can. Well this shade does exactly the same! This has a lovely mirror effect. I used two coats for this swatch.

 OPI Orange You Fantastic
OPI Orange You Fantastic (Inspired By Fanta Orange) Contains various sized red and orange glitters in a jelly orange base. I used three coats for this swatch.

OPI A Grape Affair
OPI A Grape Affair (Inspired by Fanta Grape) A lovely vampy purple crème. I used two coats for this swatch.

OPI Green On The Runway

OPI Green On The Runway (Inspired by Sprite) Has a green/brown duo chrome shade which looks lovely. It is just amazing and again really represents the Sprite bottle/can.

OPI Coca Cola Collection
I really love this collection; to me every bottle is a new shade to add to my OPI collection. No dupes just a slightly different color. What is your favorite out of the Coca Cola collection?


  • Green On The Runway is so different, I like it!

  • i love sorry i’m fizzy today, you’re so vainilla, get cherried away, and today i accomplished zero! 🙂 I really need to get my hands on you’re so vainilla… i’ve been looking for a 2 coat off white creme color for a base for nail art for a while!