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OPI Don’t Speak 18k Gold Top Coat, Rollin’ in Cashmere, Christmas Gone Plaid

2 comments23 oktober 2014

OPI Rollin' in Cashmere, OPI Christmas in plaid, OPI Don't Speak

Have you already heard about the new OPI Holiday collection? Normally I am up to date but this time I was a bit late. Normally I would order the full collection but budget wise I am a bit strapped lately. So I had to think long and hard about the ones I was going to buy this time. I choose; OPI Rollin’ In Cashmere, OPI Christmas Gone Plaid and OPI Don’t Speak 18k gold top coat. Swatches after the jump!

OPI Christmas Gone Plaid

First, Christmas Gone Plaid. I picked this one because I don’t really own a Christmas green colour and this is exactly that! I used two coats for this swatch. Can’t wait until Christmas to use this!

OPI Rollin' in Cashmere

Secondly I choose Rollin’ in Cashmere. Who can’t resist a nice golden shade? I hate golden jewelry, but I love golden nail polish. So of course this had to be added to my collection. Two coats used for this swatch.

OPI Don't Speak VS OPI The Man With The Golden Gun

And last but not least, OPI Don’t Speak a 18k golden topcoat. Now you might think, 18k topcoat that rings a bell. Well yeah, two years ago OPI released an 18k golden topcoat in the Bond Collection. Which was The Man With the Golden Gun. I decided to swatch them both so you can see the differences.

OPI Don't Speak

OPI Don't Speak

Don’t Speak has a golden shimmer and some flakes. For these swatches I used one coat of Don’t Speak over a black nail polish.

OPI The Man With The Golden Gun

OPI The Man With The Golden Gun

And than we have OPI The Man With the Golden Gun. A topcoat with golden flakes. Also one coat.

OPI The Man With The Golden Gun, OPI Don't Speak

And here they are next to each other. As you can see they both have golden flakes but are totally not the same.

I probably will be ordering more from this collection because there are so many gorgeous colours in this collection.

Do you plan on buying anything from the OPI Holiday collection?


  • WhiteLady

    Thank you so much for the comparison between man with the golden gun and don’t speak!