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OPI Summer 2014 Neon Collection Swatches

3 comments16 juni 2014

OPI Neon 2014

Today I want to show you my swatches of the OPI Summer Neon collection from 2014. This is the first time OPI has released neons in full size bottles, which is great! This collection has 6 shades and a white basecoat called ‘Put A Coat On!’ which is meant to give the polish a boost. Continue reading for swatches of the OPI Neon 2014 collection.

OPI Life Gave Me Lemons

Life Gave Me Lemons is a bright yellow/green creme. Despite the name calling it a Lemon shade to me it is more green than yellow. But that doesn’t matter, the colour is really nice! I had no issues with the formula. I used two layers on top of 1 layer of Put A Coat On!

OPI You Are So Outta Lime

You’re So Outta Lime! is a bright green creme. But compared to a lime I feel it’s a bit lighter. I used two layers on top of Put A Coat On!

OPI Juice Bar Hopping

Juice Bar Hopping! is a neon orange jelly. This colour is so vibrant and lovely. I used two layers on top of Put A Coat On!

OPI Hotter Than You Pink

Hotter Than You Pink is a pink neon jelly with electric blue shimmer in it. Doesn’t it look amazing!? I used two coats on top of Put A Coat On!

OPI Push & Pur-Pull

Push & Pur-Pull is a dark purple jelly. I am just in love with this colour. I used two layers on top of Put A Coat On!

OPI Down To The Core-al

Down To The Core-al is a bright coral with a pink shimmer. Such a lovely beach shade! I used two layers on top of Put A Coat On!

OPI - Put A Coat On!

Considering OPI recommends to use Put A Coat On underneath these shades I decided to test the difference. To me PACO was just a white polish. So I figured I would try this with a different white polish and there clearly is a difference. With PACO underneath it is a lot brighter.

I also decided to test how ‘neon’ these shades really are. And as you can see only three out of six is really a neon shade.

Put A Coat On! Life Gave Me Lemons, You Are So Outta Lime! Juice Bar Hopping! Hotter Than You Pink, Push & Pur-Pull, Down To The Core-al

OPI retails for about 8,50~9,00 per bottle. Go to OPI.com to find an OPI salon near you.

What is your favorite shade from the OPI Neon 2014 collection?


  • Wow, that looks so beautiful!
    Beautiful colors and I will be sure to buy some;-)

  • wow i’m surprised how much of a difference put a coat on makes! especially compared to another white polish… that’s weird! i would think it would act the same as any other white polish! just curious… how many coats of the white did you use underneath? just one?

    • I just used one layer of white on each picture! 🙂