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Essence Hello Spring

0 comments8 augustus 2014

Essence Hello Spring

One of the shades that is leaving the racks of essence soon is Essence Hello Spring. Usually the products that are leaving get a 50% discount. So buy it while you still can! Today I want to show you my swatch.

Essence Hello Rosy

0 comments31 juli 2014

Essence Hello Rosy

A polish I kept seeing on other blogs is Essence Hello Rosy. Each time I saw the swatches I thought: “Yes, I want that too!” A while back I saw it in the store and bought it, finally! Today I want to show you my swatch of it.

Ice Cream Cone Nails

0 comments23 juli 2014

Ice Cream Cone Nails

The past couple of days the weather has been lovely and when the weather is nice I enjoy having some ice cream. So why not paint some ice cream on my nails! Yum!

Essie Mint Candy Apple + Strawberry Nails

1 comment19 juli 2014

Essie Mint Candy Apple

There are a lot of nail polishes out there that scream ‘must have’ to me. One of those nail polishes is Essie Mint Candy Apple. I feel like everyone owns Essie Mint Candy Apple except for me. I see it everywhere. Why it took me so long to purchase Essie Mint Candy Apple beats me. But now that I do own it I gladly want to show you my swatches plus some nail art I made on top of it.

Claire’s Pastel Neon (12556)

1 comment16 juli 2014

One of my favorite neon’s is pastel neon’s. My go to ones are Claire’s pastel neon shades. But I also love their bright neon’s! I’ve had this polish for a while so now it’s time to show you my swatches.