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0 comments27 april 2015

Today it is Kingsday in my country, the day that almost everyone grabs all the orange things they can find. Throws them on and hopes they look fabulous. Including me! So today I painted my nails orange with OPI Juice Bar Hopping and added a messy flag with red, white and blue. Not the most inspiring nail art. But I did my best!

Happy Kingsday!

5 x Orly

4 comments25 april 2015


Last week I bought a bunch of nail polish off of someone in my dutch nail polish selling group on facebook. Today I want to show you the Orly polishes that I got. I had never tried Orly before so I was looking forward to receive my first Orly polishes. I have got Gumdrop, Lollipop, Pixy stix, Mint Moijto and Cotton Candy. Check out my swatches after the jump!

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Birthday Candles

4 comments21 april 2015

Today is my birthday! Because of that I thought a birthday nail art would be suitable. I decided to paint some birthday candles.  My favorite colour is pink, so why not a bright pink background. My candles aren’t perfect, but I’m glad I tried! I used several polishes for these candles, but really any colour is fine. It’s up you.

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Essence the Pastels | I Love Trends

3 comments19 april 2015

Essence I Love Trends The Pastels

As you may have already seen, I was in Germany recently where I bought a lot of nail polish.  I also bought some Essence polishes out of their the Pastels collection. Today I want to show you my swatches. View them after the jump!

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P2 Crisp Color

4 comments13 april 2015

P2 Violet Glace | P2 Strawberry Frosting | P2 Cool Milkshake

Recently I  was in Germany were I was able to purchase a lot of nail polish which is not available in the Netherlands, today I want to show you some of the Crisp Color polishes I bought, Violet Glace, Strawberry Frosting and Cool Milkshake. View my swatches after the jump!

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