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Paws By Eddie Brona & Sir Malcolm | Penny Dreadful Collection

1 comment27 oktober 2014

Paws By Eddie Brona and Sir Malcolm

Last week I ordered polishes from the new Penny Dreadful collection made by Paws By Eddie. I must admit I haven’t watched Penny Dreadful yet, even though it is on my Netflix watch list. Anywho, I ordered Brona and Sir Malcolm and today I want to show you my swatches!

Paws By Eddie Brona

Paws By Eddie Brona

This is Brona, Brona is a gold/bronze with a satin finish. Doesn’t it look amazing!? Two coats were used for these swatches.

Paws By Eddie Brona

Now if you are not a fan of the satin finish or you would like to pimp Brona up you can add a top coat to make it shiny!

Paws By Eddie Sir Malcolm

Paws By Eddie Sir Malcolm

Meet Sir Malcolm, Sir Malcolm is a grey polish with also a satin finish. Two coats were used.

Paws By Eddie Sir Malcolm

And just like Brona, a top coat can be added to make it shine!

The Penny Dreadful collection also exists of Mina, Ethan and Vanessa. I regret not buying Mina. It is also an amazing color!

A small bottle costs 5,85 usd and a full size bottle costs 10,41 usd.

You can buy these polishes and more on Paws By Eddie’s Etsy shop. Click here to get there.

Have you watched Penny Dreadful yet?


  • chucky1012

    I find this nailpolishes very gret colours!
    You always polish your nails so good 😉

    Have a bright day Xoxo