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piCture pOlish – Eerie

3 comments19 juni 2014

Picture Polish - Eerie

Last month one of my favorite brands (Picture Polish) released a collab shade with my favorite blogger Very Emily. As soon as it became available I ordered it immediately! Inspired by a Polaroid Emily created a few years ago this gorgeous shade Eerie was made! Read more about the story behind Eerie here. Curious about my Picture Polish Eerie swatches? View them after the jump!

Picture Polish Eerie

Eerie is a lilac purple shade. Eerie contains bijou holo and a very subtle shimmer. It contains no glitter so yay, it is easy t0 remove! I used two coats for these swatches.

Picture Polish Eerie

I had trouble capturing the bijou holo, but I thought I would still add a close up so you can see the details.

Picture Polish Eerie
I am totally in love with this shade!

Picture Polish Eerie costs 13 AUD. Go to the picturepolish website to find a international stockist so you can order it!


  • i’ve never heard of bijou holo before but i love the really small fleck kind of look this has to it if that is what bijou holo is? lovely lilac shade too 🙂

    • Yup! The small fleck thingies is the bijou holo. Amazing in real life, but so hard to capture.

  • This is so gorgeous and a lemming of mine! Looks great on you- thanks for the swatch!