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Polish TBH Alice After Eight

0 comments28 april 2014

Today I want to show you an indie polish I acquired through a nail polish trade. It is a mini bottle of Polish TBH named Alice After Eight.

Alice After Eight

Alice After Eight is a thermal polish with linear holographic effect. The polish is purple below a temperature of 72 degrees and turns pink above 72 degrees. Because I have long nails this polish leaves a ombre effect which I really like. And of course I love the holograph in this polish.

For the swatches I had to use two to three layers. One layers leaves the polish very transparent. And three just gives the polish an intenser colour.

For this picture I ran my nails under the cold tap. The colour changes to a vibrant purple.

Here I ran my nails under the hot tap. And then you get this lovely pink shade!

Alice After Eight is available on Polish TBH’s website and costs $14.00 for a fullsize bottle.