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Lacquester ‘Ho-lo Can You Go’ Collection

3 comments2 mei 2014

Lacquester is a dutch indie polish maker on the 22 of April she released her second polish collection Ho-lo Can You Go! A collection full of holographic shades containing the holograph pigment spectraflair. This collection contains 5 different shades and 1 holographic top coat. Today I want to show you the swatches.

Color Of Kings, Favored By Queens is a diep purple shade. You would even call it a royal purple shade. I used three layers for this swatch.

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry Mr. McGee is a intens green colour, similair to the Hulk. For this swatch I used three layers.

Pink Outside The Box is a magenta shade. I used three layers for this swatch.

Not Ocean, more Mediterranean, see! Is an amazing colour, I’d describe this shade as a seafoam green colour. But it also containts hints of blue. I also discovered a bit of golden shimmer. Three layers used.

Duddits says “Ister Gey” is a light grey shade with a hint of beige. I’m glad with this shade because even though I have so many colourful polishes I once in a while like to wear a subtle shade. A subtle shade with holo’s in it. PERFECT! Three layers used.

Last but not least, Holo Dek 2.0 is a holographic top coat. Turn your favorite shade into a holographic shade with only one extra layer. In my opinion this is a must have for every holo lover!

A while ago I bought My Private Jet by OPI just to find out there were two different versions of it and I had the ‘new’ one which contained less to nihil holo. Well not anymore, not I can turn My Private Jet into the original version with just a layer of Holo Dek 2.0

The 5 normal shades are 7,25 each and are limited edition. Holo Dek 2.0 costs 7,95 and is not a limited edition.
Click here to go to Lacquester’s website and grab your hands on whatever is still available!


  • Schitterende kleuren nagellak en ik ben nu op de website aan het kijken waar dit te koop is 😉

    Happy Friday Xoxo

  • Zien er echt leuke kleurtjes uit!

  • Great swatches! I always have such a hard time capturing holos in photographs! 🙁 Color Of Kings, Favored By Queens and Pink Outside The Box are my favorites! 🙂